January 2020  

Club will lease the council, Balbithan, Kineller and Torryburn waters for Salmon, Sea-Trout & Brown Trout. A total of 7.1 miles Salmon Sea Trout fishing over both banks . Brown trout fishing will cover Left Bank, top of Balbithan Island to Mill Burn. Right Bank, top of Balbithan Island to top of Kinaldie Beat a total of 8.6 miles trout only fishing.

February 2019 -   Club lease the Balbithan, Torryburn & Kinellar Beats East of Kintore extending fishing to cover both banks for Salmon & Sea Trout, 3.8 and 2.2 miles, plus an additional 1.1 and 1.6 miles of Brown  Trout fishing.

February 2018 - Club sign lease for ex Council Salmon and Sea Trout waters.

February 2018 - Extended Brown Trout Beat now allowing 3.4 miles of left bank and 2.1 miles of right bank  Brown Trout Fishing see new map for details.