Kintore Angling Club (KAC) 2018 Fishing Permit Conditions

  1. Permits are issued for Salmon and Sea Trout from 11th February to 31st October inclusive and Brown Trout Fishing from 16th March until 6th October inclusive.
  2. Permits are for fly fishing or spinning only. Accompanied juniors under 15 may fish for free. Junior members 15 years and under only, are allowed throughout the Brown Trout season, to fish with worm and float.
  3. Beat limits for Salmon & Sea Trout are: - Left Bank only- Opposite top of Balbithan Island for approx. 1 mile to cattle pens at roadside above the bridge, Brown Trout Limits are both banks - opposite top of Balbithan Island to Tuach Burn on right bank and left bank beat limit 2.1 miles below the bridge.
  4. Every person fishing must be in possession of a current permit issued on by Kintore Angling Club and any person fishing without a permit will be liable to prosecution.Permits must be obtained before fishing. commences. This permit is valid only for the person named and is not transferable. Permit holders should carry photographic ID always.
  5. Anglers must do everything possible to prevent illegal fishing or poaching.
  6. Anglers must keep to the fishing paths and must not be accompanied by dogs, must respect others property, crops, fences etc. Gates should be left as found and no fires are permitted.
  7. Anglers must allow any Bailiff, River Watcher, Warden or other person having authority from Kintore Angling Club to inspect their fishing permit, identification, fishing tackle and any fish in their possession.
  8. It is now a criminal offence to keep any salmon caught on the River Don and all must be returned carefully. Anglers may kill a maximum of 1 Sea Trout per week and a maximum of 2 per season. Brown trout a maximum of 1 per day and 8 per season.
  9. Anglers must not take or kill any fry, par, kelts or unclean fish. Nor any fish under 12 inches in length or Brown Trout above 18 inches. Any such fish caught, must be returned alive to the water. Any angler found in possession of any trout out with the size range or more than the bag limit, will have their permit withdrawn and may not be granted a future permit. To conserve Stocks all Anglers are requested to return all fish.
  10. Ground baiting is strictly prohibited, and Brown Trout fishing lines over 6lbs/2.72 kg breaking strain prohibited.
  11. Worm fishing is limited to the months of June, July, Augustand September using barbless or circular hooks.
  12. No floats of any type shall be used, except for junior members, 15 years and under.
  13. Anglers fishing with treble hooks are recommended to use barbless treble hooks to aid minimal damage to fish and aid release.
  14. Fishing rod to be held in hand at all times when fishing.
  15. Anglers are required to report all fish caught by completing a catch return form and sending it to: Kintore Angling Club, 8 Hallforest Avenue, Kintore. AB510TF or submitting their return via email
  16. At all times anglers will fish through the pools and must not continue to occupy these when following anglers approach. Anglers must not cut in front of another for at least 50 metres.No angler has priority over another.
  17. KAC reserves the right to amend or make additions to the conditions.
  18. All foul-hooked fish must be returned alive to the river.
  19. Fishing for brown trout is permitted from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. No night fishing for Sea Trout before the 1st May.
  20. Any person infringing any of these conditions or who may be convicted of any illegal fishing or any offence under the Acts relative to trout and salmon fishing, will have their permit withdrawn and may not be granted future permits.
  21. No wading beyond one-third of river width.
  22. No Sunday fishing allowed.

Kintore Angling Club